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A doua școala de vara ECTRIMS - 25-27 iunie 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Dear Council Members


The ECTRIMS Summer School 2014 focused on “Genetics in MS” will be held in Tallinn, Estonia from 25 - 27 June 2014.


We kindly ask you to visit the ECTRIMS Website for detailed information on this year’s Summer School and to encourage others to apply to attend this interesting programme. Interested participants can hand in their applications via the ECTRIMS website until Monday, 31 March 2014.



An attractive programme of workshops and mentor groups will be offered that will include the participation of well-known experts and will ensure in-depth coverage of the field. Participants with no previous knowledge in the field of genetics or who are at an early stage of their training will be invited to attend an introductory workshop on genetics research which will take place before the official start of the Summer School. The workshop will also cover the topics ‘How to read a genetics paper’ and ‘How to write a genetics paper’. Young scientists will also actively work in mentor groups and get concrete guidance on reading/producing genetics papers.


Thank you for your support.


Best regards


Administrative Secretariat

2nd ECTRIMS Summer School 2014

Tallinn, Estonia, 25-27 June 2014

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20 March 2014

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