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22nd European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS) Meeting in conjunction with 10th International Movement Disorders Teaching Course, 25-27 Noiembrie 2021, eveniment online

Dear colleagues,
It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 22nd European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS) Meeting in conjunction  with 10th International Movement Disorders Teaching Course. Our event is designed for health professionals involved in treating autonomic disorders and movement disorders patients. Senior physicians, residents, as well as students, may find this education of value. The Organizing Committee wishes you to have fruitful idea exchanges, interesting and interactive discussions. This comprehensive three days meeting will approach various topics in the field of autonomic disorders and movement disorders. Video sessions will exemplify the phenomenology and will highlight the key learning message. Interaction with the audience and debate is strongly encouraged. The speakers at this course were selected based on their scientific experience, outstanding clinical reputation, and excellent teaching skills. We very much hope you will find our program of great interest.

The Organizing Committee


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25 November 2021

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