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Limba Romãna
English Language

13th ESNI Course
Call for Abstracts

July 3rd - 6th 2013 | PORTO | Portugal

Ordem dos Médicos
Rua Delfim Maia, 405 | 4200 Porto

Also this year, we will accept the submission of abstracts from participants.
All the abstracts will be revised by the Scientific Committee and some will be selected as oral presentations for the student-led sessions (see the scientific program).

The rest of the abstracts (unless rejected) will be included in an abstract book, but there will be no poster session.

The abstracts must be original and not published or presented in any conferences prior to the 13th ESNI Course. Abstracts must be submitted in English.

The abstract submission deadline is 30 April 2013



Limba Romãna
English Language

13th ESNI Course | Main topics

Day 1 to day 3

  • How to achieve success in clinical and laboratory research,
    and business in neuroimmunology
  • The influence of age, ethnicity and pregancy in neuroimmunology
  • The role of genetic factors, infections, tumours and vitamin D
    in neuroimmunological diseases
  • Neuroimmunology and the eyes, autonomic dysfunction, cognition and behaviour, and haematological and rheumatological diseases
  • How imaging has evolved and shaped science, clinical research and clinical practice

Day 4

  • Work groups
  • Students’ presentations
  • Neuroimmunology today and in future, careers, funding opportunities and publishing