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In urma şedinţei Comitetului Director al Societăţiii de Neurologie din România desfăşurată din data de 12.03.2020, avand in vedere situatia epidemiologica nationala si internationala creata de pandemia COVID-19, s-a decis în unanimitate amânarea Congresului de Neurologie din România programat initial în perioada 06-09 mai 2020. Noua perioadă aprobată pentru desfăşurarea Congresului SNR 2020, este 16-19 septembrie 2020. Congresul se va desfăşura în aceeaşi locaţie şi anume Magic Place Events- Grant, Bucureşti (v. anuntul preliminar). Toate condiţiile de participare rămân aceleaşi iar noul termen limită pînă la care taxele de participare pot fi plătite cu reducere este 31.07.2020. Aşteptăm în continuare, până în data de 31.03. 2020, rezumatele lucrărilor dumneavoastră, respectând criteriile anunţate în Primul Anunţ al Congresului SNR din anul 2020, la adresa de e-mail: .


                                              COMITETUL DIRECTOR

                                                al SOCIETATII DE NEUROLOGIE DIN ROMANIA

Welcome Letter

On behalf of the World Stroke Organization and the Canadian Stroke Consortium, we extend our warmest welcome to the 11th World Stroke Congress (WSC) in Montreal, Canada October 17-20, 2018. This major Congress will be returning to North America for the first time in more than 12 years.

Montreal is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city which was founded in the 17th century and is pleased to welcome visitors in English and French. The Congress will be held in an elegant modern Congress center next door to the charming cobblestone streets of Old Montreal. The region is full of opportunities to explore, walk, shop and dine in some of the finest restaurants in North America. Given the location and the amenities, it is unsurprising that Montreal hosts the most international conventions of any city in the Americas.

Canada has well-developed stroke care systems and has contributed to significant advances in stroke care through efforts in developing guidelines, clinical and health systems research. These efforts are ongoing and increasingly important in the face of an aging population and increased health care demands in Canada and around the world. 

The Congress will provide a state of the art experience for stroke professionals, researchers and policy makers. We have designed an unparalleled educational and scientific program covering epidemiology, prevention, acute care and stroke recovery. As a unique feature we plan on having the majority of posters as brief presentations to ensure the greatest uptake of your work.

Please join us in Montreal at the 11th World Stroke Congress to meet colleagues and friends, to learn and share experience and enjoy Canadian hospitality. We look forward to seeing you in Montreal.

Warm regards,

Werner Hacke                                            Mike Sharma 
WSO President and Congress Co-President    Congress Co-President
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