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EANcore Covid-19 Task Force


As the CoVID-19 pandemic spreads across Europe and the world, in response the European Academy of Neurology is launching EANcore CoVID-19. This resource aims to help neurologists in Europe and beyond prepare for and manage the challenges this global crisis is bringing. In several European countries, this crisis has already stressed health care systems to their limits, whereas in others preparations are ongoing and the wave of infected patients is building. To support neurologists, EANcore CoVID-19 will provide up-to-date information on the pandemic, collate emerging data on neurological complications, publish reports from front-line doctors, the latest research, breaking news, and more, all to access in just one place. EANcore CoVID-19 is accessible for members and non-members of EAN to support the fight against the greatest global health care challenge of the last century.

Tim J von Oertzen, MD, FRCP, FEAN        
Web editor-in-chief        

Thomas M Jenkins, MBChB MRCP PhD
EANpages editor-in-chief

on behalf of the EANcore CoVID-19 Task Force

Guideline Reference Center EAN

For the EAN website, we have created the Guideline Reference Center to provide our members a search tool for guidelines of multiple organisations and languages on evidence-based neurological diagnosis and management. There are currently 258 links to guidelines of our own as well as various European national neurological societies available on the EAN website for individual EAN members covering a wide range of neurological conditions.


EXTREM DE IMPORTANT! The 12th EUROPEAN BOARD OF NEUROLOGY EXAMINATION 2020 will take place on Friday, 22 May 2020 in Paris.

Societatea de Neurologie din România încurajează toţi tinerii medici neurologi absolvenţi ai examenului de specialitate să susţină examenul de medic neurolog european - “Fellow of the European Board of Neurology (FEBN)". Cea de-a 12-a sesiune de examinare - EUROPEAN BOARD OF NEUROLOGY EXAMINATION va avea loc in data de 22 mai 2020, la Paris, în cadrul Congresului EAN. Pentru detalii suplimentare accesaţi linkul:


Venind în sprijinul tinerilor colegi neurologi din România, am hotărât să sprijinim participarea dumneavoastră la acest examen. Astfel, tinerii colegi absolvenţi ai examenului de specialitate cu media de absolvire mai mare de nota 9, care au o recomandare în scris de la şeful clinicii în care şi-au desfăsurat activitatea, pot solicita în scris Comitetului Executiv al Societăţii de Neurologie in România, sprijinul financiar privind plata taxei de participare la EUROPEAN BOARD OF NEUROLOGY EXAMINATION. Această solicitare scrisă însoţită de documentele amintite (diploma de absolvire/ adeverintă de absolvire alături de scrisoarea de recomandare din partea şefului de clinică) vor fi trimise prin poştă rapidă pe adresa: Spitalul Universitar de Urgentă Bucureşti, Clinica de Neurologie, etajul 9, Splaiul Independenţei nr 169, sector 5 Bucureşti, destinatari putând fi ori Domnul Prof. Univ. Dr Ovidiu Băjenaru – Preşedintele de Onoare ad vitam al SNR oi domnul Dr. Mihai Vasile – secretarul general al SNR.

Free access to access:

As an international member of the EAN, all your members should be receiving free access to access:

ebrain is a gold standard in interactive online learning for professionals in the neurosciences. The site features over 650 high-quality elearning sessions, virtual patients, bibliographies, webinars and 2500 MCQs. The site also hosts annual neurology and neurosurgery formative questions that can be used for CPD points.

We are hoping to expand the use of ebrain by members of societies with EAN membership. In light of this, we would really appreciate it if you could mention ebrain on your website as a benefit of membership. I can send further text and logos, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the login details.

EAN members (for problems please contact )

  • go to, rest your mouse over my EAN and login
  • Once logged in rest your mouse over learn, select ebrain
  • Click on the link that says "click here to login to ebrain"